Savoury Secrets: The Art behind Calgary’s Best Dumplings

Savoury Secrets: The Art behind Calgary’s Best Dumplings

Indulging in the comfort of food is truly one of life's greatest pleasures. There's something magical about eating your favourite dish after a long, exhausting day – it's like a taste of heaven on Earth. And when that delightful food is just a few clicks away, easy to eat, and easily affordable, it's like hitting the jackpot. In the world of comfort food, Nepali momos shine as a top choice. These bite-sized dumplings are like tiny pockets of pure happiness, packed with satisfying goodness. Momos have achieved worldwide fame for their rich history, across continents, and being loved by diverse cultures. What makes Nepalese momos truly special is their adherence to traditional preparation methods and the use of unique, locally sourced ingredients, resulting in a flavour that's both distinct and memorable. 

The vibrant city of Calgary is home to one of the best dumplings in the area that can be easily found at Calgary Momo House. We are a traditional Nepali restaurant serving some of the most authentic dishes, using original preparation methods. In this article, we will take you on a journey in the world of the best dumplings in Calgary and the subtle art behind them. 

Our Best Momos At Calgary Momo House

The reason behind our name is not just a simple casual thought, there's a compelling reason why our restaurant is called Calgary Momo House! Our speciality lies in the art of these delectable dumplings that keep customers coming back for more. Here are the variety of momos that we offer at our restaurant:

1. Chicken Momos 

The most beloved and cherished, the chicken Momo is indeed one of the best creations at Calgary Momo House. Available in five different variations, our momos are a true feast for your taste buds. These delectable bite-sized parcels are filled with a flavorful mixture of minced chicken, aromatic herbs, and spices, resulting in a blend of savoury goodness. The dumpling skin is soft and slightly chewy, offering the perfect contrast to the chicken filling. 

Varieties Of Chicken Momos

The reason behind our rank as one of the best Nepali restaurants in Calgary goes to the unique, five different varieties of our chicken momos. Have a look at these varieties: 

Chilli Momo- Chicken- This variation is a blend of taste and textures that will leave you craving for more. The dish features juicy chicken momos, wok-stirred with an assortment of colourful and crispy vegetables. The subtle spice of the chicken momos and the crispiness of the vegetables add a depth of flavour to the dish. 

Tandoori Momo- Chicken- Tandoori chicken momos are a delightful twist on the traditional Nepali momos. These delicious chicken momos are marinated in a blend of tandoori spices, which infuse them with a rich, smoky flavour. Cooked in a traditional tandoor oven, they emerge with a char and a slightly crispy texture on the outside, while remaining tender and juicy on the inside. 

Steamed Momos- chicken- Loved by many, the steamed chicken momo is recognised as one of the healthiest forms of dumplings. They feature a soft and chewy steamed wrapper, filled with minced chicken, traditional herbs and spices. The gentle steaming process ensures that the chicken remains tender and juicy, while the dumpling wrapper retains its softness. 

Fried Momo- Chicken- This dish features chicken momos especially fried to achieve an exciting crisp exterior while maintaining their tender interior. 

Jhol Momo- Chicken- For those seeking a touch of warmth in their chicken momos. This dish combines tender chicken momos with a flavourful, aromatic broth, creating a comforting and nourishing experience. The momos bring a delightful meaty texture, while the broth, infused with spices and herbs, adds a rich and savoury depth.

2. Mutton (Goat) Momos 

Calgary Momo House is the best restaurant in Calgary offering Mutton (Goat) Momos. This dish features the rich flavours of mutton or goat meat into a delightful dumpling. These momos are filled with a flavorful mixture of tender mutton, blended with aromatic spices and herbs, resulting in a fusion of taste and texture. 

Popular Varieties of Mutton Momos 

Jhol Momo-Mutton- These succulent mutton momos are immersed in a fragrant, seasoned broth, offering a comforting and satisfying culinary experience. The combination of tender mutton and aromatic spices in a hearty soup creates a delightful fusion of taste and texture. Jhol Mutton Momos are a must-try for those seeking a heartwarming dining experience.

Steamed Momo- Mutton- Another protein-packed healthy option is that of steamed mutton momo. These momos are made of soft and chewy all-purpose flour dough and filled with minced mutton, herbs and spices. Often served with different sauces, mutton momos make up for a healthy and delicious option.

Chilli Momo- Mutton- Just like Chilli Chicken Momo, the Mutton momos are prepared in a similar style of tossing spiced mutton momos into a wok-stir fried assortment of crunchy vegetables. 

Tandoori Momo- Mutton- Blended in tandoori spices, these succulent mutton momos are cooked to perfection in a tandoor oven. The result is a smoky and charred exterior that contrasts with the flavourful mutton inside. Tandoori Mutton Momos offer a blend of Indian and Tibetan styles.

3. Paneer Momos

If you’re in Calgary, do not forget to try our popular Paneer Nepali momos for a true taste of authenticity. Paneer or cottage cheese is first minced and then blended with authentic herbs and spices to give it a flavour texture. They are then wrapped in a thin dough wrapper made out of all-purpose flour. 

Different Varieties Of Paneer Momos 

Paneer dumplings in Calgary are a must-try for those who seek a protein-packed vegetarian delight. Here are some of the best varieties of Paneer momos:

Fried Momo-Paneer- These savoury momos are expertly fried to achieve a satisfyingly crispy exterior while maintaining the tender and creamy paneer filling inside. The golden-brown crust adds a delightful crunch to each bite, making them a popular choice. 

Jhol Momo- Paneer- This dish features tender paneer momos immersed in seasoned broth, creating a comforting and satisfying culinary experience. The momos, filled with creamy paneer and aromatic spices, bring a unique texture and taste to the dish.

Chilli Momo Paneer- These savoury paneer momos are wok-stir-fried to perfection, creating a blend with assorted crisp vegetables. The result is a mouthwatering dish that balances the subtle spice of the paneer momos with the freshness of the vibrant vegetables, offering a delightful culinary experience.

With a commitment to preserving the rich heritage of traditional Nepali cuisine, we take you on a journey through traditional flavours and timeless recipes. Renowned for mastery in crafting the perfect momo, each bite is a symphony of textures and spices that captures the essence of Nepali culinary artistry. The warm and inviting ambience complements the exceptional food, creating an exceptional dining experience.

Come visit Calgary Momo House and get to know why we are called the best restaurant in Calgary 


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My friend suggested @calgarymomohouse for our lunch date today. We got the chicken momo platter to share and got to try a little bit of everything- fried momo, tandoori momo, chili momo.

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Variety of selection for dumplings with vegetarian and meat options. Tandoori and chilli momos were quite flavourful. Haven’t tried the indo Chinese but menu had a decent selection.


I loved everything about this place! The lady who worked there was so nice. The food was amazing and good portion. Freshly made and great taste