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The exotic Nepalese cuisine to savor your taste buds

We at Calgary Momo House serve you and your friends alike. But that’s not all; we know well that what appeals to the eye makes the taste worthwhile. Hence, making sure our customers plunge into a delightful time with us. Our hashtag #momolove also signifies what we truly aim to achieve each time you visit – making you fall in love with the authentic Nepali signature dish and the rest of the menu alike. So, join us as we bring the #momolove from the heart of the Himalayas to the Rockies

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Choose us for an authentic Nepali culinary journey in Calgary. Our restaurant blends traditional flavours with a modern twist, offering a diverse menu of delicious dishes. Dedicated to quality and freshness, our chefs craft each meal carefully, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience that captures the essence of Nepal's rich culinary heritage.


Savour perfection. Our commitment ensures quality in every delightful dish.

Reasonable PRICE

Experience culinary excellence at a reasonable and accessible price.

unique cocktails

Crafting quality in every sip: Explore our inventive, one-of-a-kind cocktails.

welcoming ambience

Dive in comfort in our welcoming, vibrant and hospitable ambience.


Mood-Boosting Refreshments

Sip, Smile, Repeat! Dive into the joy of our lively spirited drinks and cocktails. Each sip is a burst of fun, turning every moment into a celebration. From fruity blends to zesty favourites, our drinks are crafted for pure enjoyment. Join the sip-sational journey – because good times and great flavours go hand in hand!

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4.5 Rating

Google Overall Rating - 1144 Reviews


Where to start... been wanting to try Calgary Momo House since they opened. Finally drove up from the south in -45!

Nelly B

My friend suggested @calgarymomohouse for our lunch date today. We got the chicken momo platter to share and got to try a little bit of everything- fried momo, tandoori momo, chili momo.

Tahir If

Variety of selection for dumplings with vegetarian and meat options. Tandoori and chilli momos were quite flavourful. Haven’t tried the indo Chinese but menu had a decent selection.


I loved everything about this place! The lady who worked there was so nice. The food was amazing and good portion. Freshly made and great taste