20 Mar
Savouring Calgary: The Ultimate Guide to The Best Nepalese Lunch Spot

Calgary is home to a melting pot of cultures, and this diversity can be seen in its cuisine. The city's culinary scene blends international flavours, with various restaurants showcasing dishes from As...

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21 Mar
Savour the Flavours of the East: Exploring the Best Asian Food in Calgary!

Our world is a melting pot of various languages, cultures, borders, ethnicities, religions, and food traditions. Each country holds its own unique features that attract people to discover and learn mo...

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25 Mar
Exploring the Best Place to Eat in Calgary

Lunch makes up a very important meal of our day, providing nutrition for the loss of energy after morning activities and providing fuel to carry on the activities for the day ahead. In a city like Cal...

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25 Mar
Taste The New: Exciting Additions That Will Tantalize Your Taste Buds!

There's a unique thrill that comes with the anticipation of experiencing something or someone new. This excitement reaches new heights when we're talking about fresh additions to the menu at one of Ca...

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25 Mar
The Foodie Adventure You Can't Miss – Try These Dishes and Thank Us Later!

Embarking on thrilling adventures is something we all want and look forward to. Especially when the adventure unfolds delicious and unique cuisine, imagine stepping into a restaurant, corridors waftin...

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26 Mar
Savoury Secrets: The Art behind Calgary’s Best Dumplings

Indulging in the comfort of food is truly one of life's greatest pleasures. There's something magical about eating your favourite dish after a long, exhausting day – it's like a taste of heaven on E...

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04 Apr
Dumplings and Desserts in Calgary

Who doesn’t crave a hearty, lip smacking and delicious meal every now and then?  Food has the emotive power to lighten up our moods and fulfill cravings we’ve all been avoiding for quite some...

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11 Apr
Treat Yourself: Weekend Lunch and Dinner Specials You Can't-Miss

Following an exhausting week filled with demanding work deadlines, family obligations, and the never-ending to-do list, many of us love the idea of enjoying a well-deserved, delicious meal. A deliciou...

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17 Apr
Wondering Which Whiskeys Pair Best with Appetizers? Explore Our Top 5 Picks!

You are planning a get-together with friends and family and the one question that keeps coming back is what foods and drinks to serve, especially if your group enjoys pairing them together. So what sh...

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20 May
Ordering in Bulk for Guests? Don't Miss These Dishes from the Best Restaurant in Calgary

Organizing an event requires us to gather all our expertise to ensure everything seems perfect and falls in the right place. From fancy decor to welcoming ambiance and a lavish list of curated dishes ...

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Where to start... been wanting to try Calgary Momo House since they opened. Finally drove up from the south in -45!

Nelly B

My friend suggested @calgarymomohouse for our lunch date today. We got the chicken momo platter to share and got to try a little bit of everything- fried momo, tandoori momo, chili momo.

Tahir If

Variety of selection for dumplings with vegetarian and meat options. Tandoori and chilli momos were quite flavourful. Haven’t tried the indo Chinese but menu had a decent selection.


I loved everything about this place! The lady who worked there was so nice. The food was amazing and good portion. Freshly made and great taste